Can Nurses And Midwives Use A Scottish Trust Deed?

With soaring personal debt levels around Scotland, nurses and midwives are just as exposed to financial difficulty as many other hard working people. A gradual build-up of debts, the end of a relationship, becoming a parent, or suffering a period of ill-health are just some of the issues that can create major debt problems.

The good news is that there is no general rule preventing a nurse or a midwife from entering a Scottish trust deed (or becoming bankrupt) to tackle their debts. This is true whether you work for the NHS or privately.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council advise that personal bankruptcy should not affect registration and would not lead to disciplinary action starting unless there was a connected criminal issue. In common with bankruptcy, Scottish trust deeds are a form of personal insolvency.

You should however check your contract of employment for any clauses regarding personal insolvency. Most employment contracts for nurses or midwives will not create a barrier to entering a trust deed, but they are more likely to include such restrictions if you exercise budgeting responsibilities as a part of your role at work.

Liaising with your union might also be a sensible step to take. They might well be able to provide you with reassurance that others working in similar roles to you have entered a trust deed in the past without experiencing any negative consequences at work.

It’s vitally important to access professional debt advice as early as possible. Taking advice quickly may result in you having more options to deal with your debts. Quick action can also sometimes mean you can address your debts with fewer negative consequences for you.

Once you have received debt advice from a suitable professional it’s likely that you’ll feel a surge of relief. Understanding your options to recover financially can support you to feel much more in control of your destiny and much more positive about your future. As well as trust deeds, these options can include debt arrangement schemes, bankruptcy, or debt management plans.

Trust-Deed.co.uk has assisted many nursing professionals and other NHS staff to deal with their debt worries. If you’d like some advice about your debts, please get in touch with one of our professionally qualified debt advisers today.

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