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2010 Trust Deed Survey Results

Q1. How did you first hear about Trust Deeds?
A. Friend / Family / Colleague
A. Newspaper / Magazine
A. Radio
A. Internet
A. Debt Advisor
A. Other
Q2. What sources of debt advice and Trust Deed advice have you used?
A. Website(s) 61.46%
A. Debt Helplines 25%
A. Trust Deed Company 75%
A. Citizens Advice Bureau 23.96%
A. Money Advisor 15.62%
A. None 1.04%
Q3. Have you received advice (from any source) that you now consider to be misleading or incorrect?
A. No 50.00%
A. Yes 50.00%
Q4. While reading any Debt Advice or Trust Deed websites do you consider that you have read any misleading or incorrect information?
A. No 46.88%
A. Yes 43.75%
A. Not Applicable 8.33%
A. No Answer 1.04%
Q5. While talking to any Debt or Trust Deed adviser do you consider that you have been given any misleading or incorrect information?
A. No 52.08%
A. Yes 46.88%
A. Not Applicable 1.04%
Q6. Do you believe that companies providing Debt Advice and Trust Deed advice should be more heavily regulated than they are today?
A. No 5.21%
A. Yes 77.08%
A. Not Sure 17.71%
Q7. Do you believe that any individual that provides Debt Advice or Trust Deed advice should hold a formal professional qualification?
A. No 5.21%
A. Yes 85.42%
A. Not Sure 9.38%
Q8. How would you rate the way your creditors have treated you?
A. Excellent 9.38%
A. Reasonably Good 25.00%
A. OK 39.58%
A. Poor 18.75%
A. Extremely Bad 6.25%
A. No Answer 1.04%
Q9. If you have already had dealings with a Trust Deed company how would you rate the service provided to you?
A. Excellent 28.12%
A. Reasonably Good 25.00%
A. OK 14.58%
A. Poor 17.71%
A. Extremely Bad 7.29%
A. Not Applicable 7.29%
Q10. Do you think that a Trust Deed strikes a fair balance between a debtor and their creditors?
A. No 15.62%
A. Yes 71.88%
A. Not Sure 11.46%
A. No answer 1.04%
Q11. Do you think that there is enough good information available to those considering Trust Deeds?
A. No 20.83%
A. Yes, but it's hard to find 57.29%
A. Yes 21.88%
Q12. Trust Deed agents prepare Trust Deed cases which they then pass/sell to a Trust Deed company. Do you think such agents should be able to charge the client an upfront fee for this service?
A. No 89.58%
A. Yes 3.12%
A. Not Sure 7.29%
Q13. If you are currently in a Trust deed (or have completed one) do you consider that you made the right decision to go ahead?
A. No 8.23%
A. Yes 69.79%
A. Not Sure 18.75%
A. Not Applicable 3.12%
Q14. How do you rate our website (
A. Excellent 66.67%
A. Reasonably Good 26.04%
A. OK 7.29%
A. Poor 0.00%
A. Extremely Bad 0.00%


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