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If you live in Scotland and debt is causing you worry, you have found a great website to find advice and information. Unlike other debt advice websites in Scotland, Trust-Deed.co.uk provides you with direct access to the knowledge and skills of experienced debt help experts, who work for a panel of respected Scottish debt solution firms.

Our featured debt advisers are specialists in protected trust deeds, sequestration (the Scottish term for bankruptcy), and the excellent debt arrangement scheme (DAS). You’ll find them dispensing advice and information directly to more than 1,000 members of our Scottish debt advice forum. They’re backed-up by a team of three advisers who form the site’s own help team, each of whom is professionally qualified to deliver tailored advice to meet the specific circumstances you face.

Visitors to our forum seem to appreciate our approach; the last time we surveyed our members and visitors, 96% expressed their satisfaction with our site and the debt help that it provides.

What makes us different?

The debt solutions available to residents of Scotland are very different to those available elsewhere in the UK. Why is this important? Most debt advisory companies in the UK are based in the North of England. Some of these companies have invested in training their debt advisers, ensuring their competence when dispensing Scottish debt help, but unfortunately many have not.

Receiving advice from someone who lacks the necessary competence and experience is extremely risky; it could easily result in serious expense for you, unnecessary legal exposure and wasted time.

For example, research carried out by our advice forum suggests that many companies offering debt help in Scotland are still heavily promoting debt management plans, despite the fact that the debt arrangement scheme (which is only available in Scotland) offers much greater certainty and protection for Scottish residents.

Seeking advice specific to Scottish residents is particularly important. Don’t leave this to chance.

Trustworthy sources of advice

The good news is there are plenty of good sources of specialist Scottish debt advice and help that you can turn to for trustworthy advice and support.

Money Advisers in Scotland are well-trained and well-respected debt advice professionals. Mostly they’re found working for the CAB or at Local Authorities. They can provide advice on the options available to you. Some are also able to set up a debt arrangement scheme for you.

Insolvency practitioners are highly trained specialist debt professionals who work in a tightly regulated environment. These debt help firms in Scotland provide both Scottish trust deed and sequestration (bankruptcy) services. Some of these regulated firms also provide commercial debt arrangement scheme services as well. You’ll find representatives from a number of these firms answering questions in our forum.

Professionally qualified advisers also have the skills to analyse debt problems and suggest effective remedies. Two trade associations covering commercial debt advice companies in the UK (DRF and DEMSA) offer their members the chance to take professional qualifications which equip advisers with the necessary skills to provide excellent advice. We believe the Trust-Deed.co.uk team was the first such team in the UK where every adviser had successfully completed such training and gained a professional debt help qualification; this may be one reason why our forum has become a trusted resource for so many of our visitors and members.

Sources of help to avoid

The bad news is that the debt help industry in Scotland also contains a number of companies, websites and advisers that are best avoided. The following information may be useful if you are trying to make sure you receive trustworthy advice (which is offered in your best interests).

Firstly you need to make sure the firm you are in contact with is legally registered and authorised to help. They must hold a Consumer Credit Licence and the details of this should be easy to find on their website.

Scottish debt advice companies must also operate in a compliant way. This means they should offer balanced information. Does their website make statements like ‘write off up to 90% of your debts’ without equally prominently flagging up some of the negatives and risks associated with a protected trust deed? Are you being offered a debt management plan without any mention being made of the debt arrangement scheme? If so, you may be dealing with salesmen rather than a firm of compliant debt professionals such as those present in our forum.

Your Scottish debt adviser should be professionally qualified so you can be sure of their competence. Make sure you ask what qualifications they hold. If they don’t possess a qualification you need to find a new source of help. After all, would you take medical advice from an untrained person?

Don’t be rushed. Sales operations will hassle and hustle you into making a commitment. Sincere debt help operations and advisers know you need time and space to make a decision you are comfortable with (and they’ll give it to you). Are you getting chased by text message, receiving daily calls asking when your paperwork is to be sent back, or pushed to allow a representative to come and collect your paperwork before you are ready? If so, you’re being sold to rather than advised. Ditch the salesman and find a professional source of advice.

What should you do next?

You may wish to visit our Scottish debt advice forum. This is where members ask questions and our experienced specialists provide expert insight and information. It also provides a resource where individuals are able to share experience, tips and support with one other.

There are also a number of help guides available from our main menu. Read about protected trust deeds, the debt arrangement scheme, debt management plans and the various ways to access sequestration (bankruptcy) in Scotland.

If you want to take direct personal advice you may wish to contact a Money Adviser, a firm of regulated insolvency practitioners (some of which are represented on this site) or a qualified Scottish debt help provider (such as those in the Trust-Deed.co.uk team). These sources of debt advice will help you to come up with a plan to deal with debts which are no longer manageable.

If you require any further information and would like to speak to a professional Scottish debt advisor confidentially, call our advice line, post a question on our forum, or fill in one of the contact forms on the site and we’ll get back to you.


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